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Product development

It makes no difference if you only have a preliminary idea, a sketch, or complete production drawings – our design engineers are capable of assisting with the design or modification of part or the entire construction, so that the final product fulfils the functional and aesthetic requirements at an affordable production cost. We will design and prepare all the required work accessories if necessary.
  • Product development
    • Our product development is based entirely on 3D models. All materials used in the product’s composition, work operations and quality requirements are described in detail in the product’s composition notes, which ensures the required initial data for on-time and quality production in the future.
    • 3D Design
      We use the Solidedge software and are able to read and process all files in the .stp format.
    • Technology development
      We have developed technology that ensures we meet the required quality standard at the planned production quantities with the lowest possible costs.
    • Preparing, controlling and testing samples
      We will compile measurement protocols and conduct the functional and endurance tests of a component or product, if required.
  • Tools
    • Metec has its own unit for designing and constructing tools as well as jigs. The unit permits establishing new products quicker and at a lower cost as well as ensuring a smoother production process in the future. More information about our tool production competences can be found here: link to tool production reference products

Component production

Tarmetec has the skills and the equipment for component production to specification using various laser cutting, forming, and cutting technologies.
  • Tube detail production
    • One of our strengths is the production of tube components. The preparation of preforms takes place using a fully automatic laser cutting machine. The bending of tubes can be done using various bending machines with different characteristics. There are also different types of technological equipment used for processing tube ends.
    • Lasercutting
      We cut work-pieces with the maximum diameter of 150 mm, wall thickness of 5 mm and length of up to 5.0 m.
    • Bending
      We bend pipes of 12–80 mm in all kinds of radii, including a variable radius.
    • Rolling
      We achieve large bending radii of components on the pipe rolling machine. The maximum pipe diameter is 80 mm.
    • Finishing of pipe ends
      We can widen and compress the pipe ends or otherwise shape them to join the pipes with other structural elements as required.
  • Sheet detail production
    • We offer the choice between laser cutting technology and forming for preparing the preforms. The decision is made based on the complexity and quantity. The appropriate way to give details of a three-dimensional shape is a choice between a universal bending press or a specially prepared bending tool. The existence of different technologies for removing production waste, processing openings or threading is self-explanatory.
    • Laser cutting
      We cut regular and stainless steel and aluminium up to 15 mm. The maximum capacity of our fibre lasers is 6 kW.
    • Forming
      We have several press brakes with the compressive force of 25–1,000 tonnes for manufacturing component work-pieces needed in larger quantities.
    • Deburring
      We deburr work-pieces with special tools or equipment.
    • Bending
      For bending operations, we can use sheet press brakes with a length of up to 3 m and compressive force of 200 t, as well as universal press press brakes with the compressive force of up to 1,000 t.
  • Machining
    • Metec CNC, a subsidiary of the Metec group, has several dozen lathes and milling machines with up to 5-axis control for the production of various parts or post-processing of structures. In addition, we also have universal lathes, milling machines and grinding machines for the production of smaller parts.
    • Turning
      Our machine park has 13 lathes, which can process parts with a maximum diameter of 350 mm and a length of 600 mm. 12-24 different cutting instruments can be pre-installed in the tool magazine, parts of which are in turn motorized. Some of our lathes are double-spindle, which allows for simultaneous machining of two parts (two different sides of one part) 

      LATHE FOR MANUFACTURE OF SMALL SERIES - we use a lathe with cycle programming to manufacture prototypes and small series products

      SINGLE SPINDLE LATHE - we have developed many specific solutions for fastening parts that significantly reduce machine downtime between work cycles

      TWO-SPINDLE LATHE - two different parts can be processed simultaneously in the horizontal machining center and up to 24 different tools can be preset for this
    • Milling
      Our machine park has 7 milling machines that allow processing parts in the size range of 1500 x 700 x 500 mm. Up to 30 different cutting tools can be pre-installed in the tool magazine. by using different rotary tables, the parts can be turned around two axes simultaneously during processing.

      MACHINING CENTER WITH 5 AXIS CONTROL - the most technologically advanced benches have up to 5 control axes enabling simultaneous movement


We weld various types of non-alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. We use manual arc welding stations, semi-automatic systems as well as multi-headed welding robots. The company is recognised as a certified provider of welding tasks according to the ISO 3834 – 2 standard.
  • Welding
    • Welding is one of our key processes. Metec employs over 30 welders. We design and prepare required jigs for manual and robotic welding.
    • TIG – manual welding
      For TIG welding operations, we have equipped 10 work stations and employed 20 certified skilled workers.
    • TIG – robotic welding
      Assemblies within the dimensions of 0.4 x 0.4 x 1.0 m can be welded by a welding robot.
    • MIG-MAG manual welding
      For MIG/MAG manual welding, we have equipped 10 work stations, some of which are intended for welding heavy assemblies. About 20 certified welders work at these stations.
    • MIG-MAG robotic welding
      For welding carbon steel, we have four welding robots and various special-purpose automatic welding machines.

Finishing and assembling

We have a wide range of different technologies at our disposal that give stainless steel and ferrous metal products the required aesthetical appearance and corrosion protection.
  • Surface finishing
    • Surface finishing is usually one of the last work procedures before the final assembly of the product. There is a great danger of damaging components while in transport. Components must be packaged very carefully and stored is such a way so that they do not damage one another. These activities involve additional monetary expenses. Metec has therefore created its own surface finishing capacity and placed the unit immediately preceding the final assembly line to keep better control over the costs and quality of the process.
    • Electro polishing
      We carry out electrochemical polishing of stainless steel components and assemblies with the maximum dimensions of 1.0 x 1.0 x 4.0 m.
    • Etching
      In acid baths, we process structures within the maximum dimensions of 3.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 m.
    • Shot peening of stainless steel
      We automatically shot-peen stainless-steel components and structures with stainless steel shots to remove corrosive parts or layers and to improve their visual appearance. The maximum dimensions of structures are 1.0 x 1.0 x 2.0 m.
    • Shot peening of steel
      Automatic steel shot peening is used to remove dross, rust and other oxidized layers from the surface of steel products to ensure better paint adhesion and corrosion protection. The maximum dimensions of structures are 1.3 x 1.3 x 2.5 m.
    • Mechanical grinding and polishing
      By mechanical grinding or polishing, we give stainless-steel structures the required appearance.
    • Galvanised surface finishing
      We commission our collaborative partners to perform galvanic coatings.
    • Powder coating
      Our coating line consists of 3-level pretreatment (neutral dipping, degreasing and protective Qxcilan layer) and the coating area, where we can process components with the maximum dimensions of 1.2 x 2.0 x 3.0 m.
    • Wet painting
      We are able to wet-paint structures with a maximum length of 3 m and a weight of 500 kg. To prepare component surfaces, we use a 3-level pretreatment on the powder-coating line.
  • Assembling
    • We assemble and perform the end-product functional testing for mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic components (also including ESD).
    • Mechanical assembly
      We carry out the mechanical assembly of both stainless steel and ferrous metal structures.
    • Assembly of electrical components
      We install electrical components and connect them with wiring. We ensure that static electricity does not damage the components. We conduct a functional final review to ensure that all driving gears, light fittings and control packages are in working order.
    • Assembly of hydraulic and pneumatic components
      The composition of many of the products we manufacture also include hydraulic and pneumatic components We install the assemblies and check their operability

Control and logistics

80% of the products prepared by Metec are final products, which means they are not prepared as inputs for other production companies but are ready for final use. Under these circumstances, there are no final external quality checks on the quality of our work, which means there is a heightened demand on our internal control procedures. The client can choose delivery of goods to their central warehouse or directly to other locations throughout the world.
  • Quality control
    • The production process undergoes quality control from the moment the purchased components arrive. We register all cases of non-conformity in the different production process stages. We are then capable of establishing the more critical process parts and can direct more control resources into the problematic sections. We will perform as agreed with the client for specified operations or the final product 100% control according to an established methodology.
    • Measurement laboratory
      We have numerous fully digital and programmable measuring devices and equipment for inspecting components or products with different accuracy classes and sizes. All measuring devices are calibrated on a regular basis.
    • Laserscanner
      We are able to create a realistic 3D image of the ready-made product and compare it to a computer-generated model.
    • Functional final control
      70% of our production includes final products, i.e. products ready for package removal and for use by the end-user. Therefore, we check the working order of all product functions before issuing them from the factory.
  • Logistics
    • We have good cooperation partners whose assistance we can use to find the most suitable means according to speed and cost for sending different quantities of products to every corner of the world.