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Work at Metec!
In a large and growing technology company like Metec, good employees are always welcome, both in production and in the office. All the conditions are created so that you can use your skills, willingness to work and initiative as best as possible - the jobs are secure, the pay is good, the colleagues are nice and the conditions are exemplary. In addition to everything else, there are so many exciting jobs at Metec that you will never get bored. Depending on skills and desire, internal development and the acquisition of various professions are very possible - here the person's desire to become better and more professional is evaluated and supported.

If you feel that you want to get involved, ask for more information from the HR department by phone 738 5071, by e-mail personal@metec.ee or have a look at our vacancies at the links below (please use your browser's translation function for translation):
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01 Our positions

  • Hey, engineers!
    Metec offers work in the areas of product and technology development, production, and quality planning. No modern company can function without IT specialists. You can bring your ideas to life, in addition to gaining experience in working together with international firms.
  • Can you do metalwork?
    Have you previously studied or done metalwork? Metec has modern production equipment as well as a smart and supportive team of specialists. Metec is a decathlete in the metalworking industry—we have representatives from most metalworking technologies, and everyone can find a position here where they can put their skills into practice.
  • Looking for an apprenticeship?
    At Metec, you can get practical experience year-round in both manufacturing and engineering. If you are conscientious and curious, you will be paid during your apprenticeship and perhaps even receive a job offer. Contact us and explain why and at what time you would like to be a trainee at Metec.
  • Want to try something new?
    You can also start from scratch. Metec has excellent training programmes. By starting your work in Metec’s quickly learnt areas, you will get an idea of what sort of work opportunities we offer. If you find something interesting, we will help you develop the skills you need for your work.
  • Do you like being a leader?
    If you consider yourself to be a role model and a motivator, you have ideas on how to organise your colleagues’ work better, you can bring your ideas to life, and you are willing take responsibility for them, a managerial position at Metec might be right for you.
  • Flexible job opportunities
    You don’t want take on long-term work commitments alongside your studies or other activities, but from time to time, you would like to make a bit of extra money. Good. From time to time, we also have moments when there is more work than our current capacities can handle, and we need your help. Let us know.

02 Feedback from employees

For me, the most important things are the employer's reliability and our team sticking together. I really like my job, it is diverse and interesting. We have a lot of international customers, we participate in various fairs. Family values are cherished in our company, for example the company supports us in case of a child birth or when a child starts school.
- Marje, sales specialistWorked in Metec since 2011
The induction period was very smooth, I felt full support of my co-workers and superior. I really appreciate the flexible working hours and that I am able to complete my studies while working. I also have to mention modern working environment and equipment. I can use sports compensations to keep my mind sharp.
- Märt-Erik, product development engineerWorked in Metec since 2018

03 Why work at Metec?

  • Metec is as reliable
    as stainless steel
    Metec values the agreements made with employees. Our wage payment systems are clear and transparent. Wages are always paid on the agreed date and all taxes are paid correctly. Thus, each of our employees and the company itself gives their fair contribution to society.
    • Official employment contract.
    • Public remuneration principles for all.
    • Wages paid at the agreed time.
    • State taxes paid correctly.
  • We have many opportunities for self-realisation and careerEvery year, Metec acquires new equipment and a number of new products—thus, work never becomes boring or routine. We have created a good and transparent career system—if you have worked at Metec, you have a great advantage when applying for openings in exciting positions.
    • We support professional training through flexible scheduling and the opportunity to do training or research work.
    • We enable employees to learn new skills under the guidance of experienced specialists.
    • We train employees to acquire new skills.
  • Good working conditions
    are important
    Metec understands the importance of good working conditions in achieving good work results. Good working conditions reduce the risk of (occupational) illness and contribute to higher productivity. Social values are no less important than “material values.”
    • We have clean and tidy work, changing, and break rooms.
    • Work rooms are warm year round, well-lit and ventilated.
    • We have cheap and healthy daily food options in the Metec staff canteen.
    • We provide all our employees with high-quality work clothes, footwear and safety equipment.
    • We at Metec take care of work clothes at our own expense so that they are always clean, mended, and appealing.
    • Information is regularly shared with employees about the company’s results and outlook.
  • We value your personal
    time and life
    Life isn’t only about work. One should work to live, not vice versa. The most important things in everyone’s life are their loved ones and spending time with them. For its part, we at Metec want to organise work in a way that best reconciles private life and work.
    • The Metec factory is located in Tartu and is quickly and easily accessible (by public transport).
    • We do not work at night or weekends.
    • Working in two shifts allows you to take care of personal matters during the working day.
    • For positions where remote working is possible, we encourage flexible work arrangements independently of location and time.
    • We support you on the birth of your child (a gift card worth €200).
    • We support you when your child goes to school (a gift card worth €50).
    • All employees are always guaranteed collective leave during the summer in July as well as in winter at Christmastime.
  • Every person is important to usFor some, their health and that of their relatives is more important. Others hope for the recognition and appreciation of their colleagues. Still others hope to find colleagues they can spend their free time with. Metec has embarked on a mission to support colleagues in their self-realisation.
    • We remember employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries.
    • We organise joint events for employees.
    • We support employees’ initiatives in organising collective actions outside work.
    • We provide gifts for our employees and their children.
    • We support employees’ personal contributions to maintaining their health.
    • We provide discounted on-site massage services (€10/h).
    • Employees can use our sauna complex, complete with billiards table, to organise events.

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