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Vehicle Accessories
Metec develops and produces accessories for commercial vehicles that complement their uses and comfort, improve the visibility of the driver and the vehicle and provide additional protection for the vehicle and the fellow road users in case of smaller collisions. The products of Metec are sold under the trade name of Metec in most European countries. Also, Metec cooperates with several world's leading car manufacturers in the field of the development and production of accessory equipment products.
Equipment of stainless steel
Metec designs and prepares installations, devices and their parts according to the customers’ needs for the medical and food industry. Our mission is to provide customers with “turn-key” service. Existing competence in the fields of products and technology and wide range of technologies used in metalworking industry has made us a suitable partner for those who need help in developing and producing technologically complicated products in case of small- and medium-size production batches.
Vehicle parts manufacturing
Metec manufactures components based on our clients' needs for various commercial vehicles—trucks; buses; trailers; construction, agriculture or forestry vehicles and equipment; and special-purpose vehicles. Our expertise is in the production of primarily welded, finished, and often also part- or wholly assembled products with higher precision requirements.
Tool Construction
Metec designs and prepares specialised work-related measures or devices for the production enterprises of different sectors. Our advantages include the “existence of series production know-how” that enables to avoid potential mistakes upon designing a device and willingness to test most of the prepared tools in actual work situation before sending them to the customer. We perform the maintenance, repairs and alterations of the work-related measures prepared by us (but not exclusively).
Metec CNC, a subcompany of METEC, is specialized in precision laser cutting of sheet metal. Details that we have manufactured can be found in most areas where high accuracy and impeccable quality are required - in medicine, automotive and rail industry and in measuring devices. Finding the right smart technological solutions for every detail and the ability to refine the performance of our every move in the factory has been the cornerstone of METEC's success.

01 Company

Metec is Estonia’s leading private metalworking company, which was founded in Tartu in 1993 and offers product development and production services to customers from various production sectors around the world. We develop and manufacture products for the auto, medical, and food industries. Metec equipment and parts can also be found in many other areas. READ MORE

02 Metec in figures 2021

Sales turnover 24 mEUR
Export percentage 95%
Countries served 27
Employees total - 250
Engineers - 35
Area total - 34 000 m2
Covers - 21 000 m2
Metec since 1993

03 Trustworthiness

Good working conditions, agreements honoured, working relationships based on mutual respect, and interesting work that provides personal development are some of the conditions that have kept some of our colleagues working with us for decades, and have encouraged the younger generation to join our company. - Toomas LeppCOB
In Metec’s 25 years of operations, we cannot find a single key client that has terminated our partnership during this period. We believe that this is due to our desire to honour our agreements and our readiness to continue to develop our products and technical capacities based on the changing needs of our clients. - Toomas LeppCOB