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Equipment of stainless steel

In 1999, we prepared the first components from stainless steel for medical equipment. Since then, in cooperation with different clients, we have developed various products and product families used for the transportation of mobility impaired persons, sterilisation and disinfection of medical accessories, as well as for performing surgery. The medical field and food industry demand high standards for products and their production process quality, which we have been able to offer sustainably to our clients. We advise and support our customers in the product development phase. Contributing with our technical know-how in order to receive sales success after the launch of the product.

We take responsibility to perform a high-quality technological preparation of the product, as well as the risk analysis of the various stages of production. Customers do not need to spend their resources on it. For products sent to the end user, we work out checklists to ensure the end customer’s 100% satisfaction that we have been entrusted with.

It is also important to fulfil the general cleanliness and order requirements (5S) at the plant, which we do on a daily basis.

Equipment of stainless steel video