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Tool construction

We offer our services to companies who require dies, welding jigs and other speciality tools or equipment. We can test all tools on site, in a real life work situation and make amendments or corrections as required. Such testing saves valuable time which otherwise would be spent on transporting the tools between the client and manufacturer. Time saved increases the probability of keeping to the schedule agreed upon with the client. We service all clients with the need for components with high precision requirements in small quantities. In the field of tool production, no two tasks are alike. Experience is what helps us find solutions for our clients differing requirements. We are therefore somewhat proud of the fact that the employees working for us in the given field have an average age of 50+ and their experience in their field exceeds the age of our company. On a daily basis, apart from the continuous in-house production, we receive valuable feedback on how tools and equipment we have created withstand real-life working conditions and thanks to the feedback, we are able to recommend better solutions to our clients.