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Make your life easier!

Make your life easier! By installing one of our towbar steps.

We have had towbar steps in our product portfolio for numerous years already. These do not make life just easier, but also safer. If you are holding 40kg cement bag, it is not the easiest to step inside the van, which floor is 1m higher than the ground. And doing such work all day, makes it also non safe for the worker.

We try to cater of all different customers. Therefore you can find in our lineup: small one sided step, small double sided step, large double sided step and XXL heavy duty double sided step. You do not have to use our towbars (although it is preferable 🙂 ) as the steps are universal. Weight capacity from 120kg to 150kg.

There are also customers, who use our steps as parking sensors :). We do not recommend this, but on the other hand it proves, that products are tough enough even for such usage.

Have a look here for more information.

Additionally we have steps for sidedoors and rear steps for non towbar vans.

Make your life easier and safer!

Small double sided step
Large double sided step
Small one sided step
Small one sided step
Heavy duty large step
Step for non towbar vans