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Ford Ranger and VW Amarok 2023

Upgrade your adventure with METEC’s all-new stainless steel accessories, tailor-made for the 2023 VW Amarok and Ford Ranger. Unleash your truck’s potential and make a statement wherever you roam.

To view our full range of Amarok (<- click on link) and Ranger (<- click on link) accessories and make a purchase, visit our website, email us at: sales@metec.ee or reach out to our authorized dealers for expert guidance.

Front bars:

  • Polished Eurobar, Nordicbar or Citybar: Elevate style and protection with our polished stainless steel bullbars.
  • Black Painted: Achieve a rugged appearance with durable black paint.

Underbody engine + gearbox skidplates:

  • 5mm Aluminum: Safeguard your vehicle’s undercarriage with the exceptional strength of 5mm aluminum.
  • Rugged Durability: Our skid plates offer top-notch protection for critical components without compromising on durability.
  • Designed for Off-Roading: Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains or uneven trails, our skid plates are built to withstand it all.
  • Easy Installation: Ensure easy and hassle-free installation for added convenience.

Side Steps:

  • Polished Offroad steps: Enhance style and convenience during vehicle entry and exit.
  • Black Painted: Get practicality and a rugged, understated look.

Tow Hook Sets:

  • Built Tough: ECE certified towing up to 3500kg!
  • Easy Installation: Hassle-free mounting for a seamless upgrade.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Designed to fit your Ranger/Amarok.
  • Safety First: Trust in secure attachment points for all your towing needs.
  • Off-Road Ready: Ideal for rugged adventures and off-road enthusiasts.