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Volvo FMX has new cattleguard

Volvo FMX has new cattleguard. We already used this design for old Volvo FMX. As the product was well received by our customers, we made small modifications so it fits to old and new Volvo FMX.

What does the product remind you of? Clue is in the product name – SPIDER. Design mimics spider or spiders web.

In our SPIDER family is also product for Scania. This product can also be found from OE Scania catalogue.

Our goal is fast fittingtime. And this box we have also ticked – just 45 minutes and product has been fitted securely. So securely that you can fit however heavy lights (as long as dimensions allow). We recommend Boreman (as seen on the picture) or choose something else from our light selection.

All Volvo FMX 2020+ products can be found here. And if you want full fat cattleguard, then have a look of our MEGA cattleguard.

Volvo FMX cattleguard