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Snowplows for pickup-trucks

We have manufactured snowplows for pickup trucks for few years now and it was time for a update. As climates are different and also the rules differ by countries, we decided to make two versions – one for Nordic countries and one for countries with light snow.

Both snowplows are installed without any welding, just bolts on to existing openins in the vehicles frame. Unique in the snowplow world is WIFI controller – you do not have to run the cable through the cabin to have the convenience of operating the snowplow inside the cabin.

D – shape plow is developed so, that it meets vehicle manufacturers axle load weight. Therefore it is light but still sturdy with 2mm blade thickness. Yes, we still use metal not plastic but still meet the axle load laws. Lift via DC actuator, turning is manual as standard. But turning can also be upgraded to DC actuator.

V – shape is for professional use in heavy snow. Weights enough to push through even the heaviest snow. Hydraulic systems take care of the lift and turning.

Snowplows for pickup trucks adapters are available for majority of European and Japanese pickup-trucks which are currently in production or a generation old.

Both units use the same connection frame and adapterkits. Frame is universal, adapter is modelspecific.

Full information can be found from productsheet.