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MAN TGX bullbar with painted net

We have manufactured bullbars for trucks over 20 years. Over 5 years we also have offered bullbars with net. Now is time for a change. Thus happy to introduce first bullbar with painted net.

As MAN just launched new TGX, it was perfect vehicle to introduce Metec´s new concept.

We have also changed the net for thicker wire to give escpecially muscular look for the bullbar. Our net is still made from stainless steel therefore lifetime warranty against corrosion. Bullbar contours have still mirror polish so giving perfect contrast between polished details and black net.

If the net gets hit by a solid object, there will be no damage to the vehicle. Even if the net gets damaged, you just can replace the net – net consists of 6 parts. But most importantly, there will be no downtime for the truck and therefore no loss of turnover.

As usual with METEC, product has neccessary certificate to make it legal all over the Europe.