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Heavy snow predicted in Europe

Heavy snow predicted in Europe. Be prepared!

With Metec snowplow you have nothing to be afraid of. Have a look of animation what we did with our plows.

Have a look of the animation about D- and V-plows.

Animation looks good, but much more important is, that plow itself is good. Just few points to show the pros of our plows.

  1. Wifi remote operated lifting and turning.
  2. Changeble blades – starting from rubber snow plades, ending with Hardox ice blades.
  3. 2 point fitting to the pickup ensures vibration free operation.
  4. D-plow is within limits of manufacturer suggested front axle load weight.
  5. V-plow has heavy duty hydraulic lifting and turning.
  6. Bright and visible in orange colour. Possible to add extralights to make yourself extra visible.

Here you can read little bit more about the snow plow.

Estonia has heavy snow every year and therefore, if it works here, then it works everywhere.

Winter does not stay in the sky – get in touch with us and get yourself reliable snowplow!